Elea Arte Club

The Elea Arte Club (EAC) was constituted on January 19, 2007 as a not-for-profit and non-political association (‘associazione onlus, apolitica e senza fini di lucro’) at a meeting at the home of Lars Aagaard-Mogensen and Else Mogensen in Ascea. The meeting included Lars, Else, René, and 11 artists from the Cilento area as founding members. The continuing purpose of EAC, closely associated with Wassard Elea (WE), is to enable local and international artistic activity in the region, including collaborations, exhibitions, concerts, and other arts events and activities.

Some posters of EAC art exhibitions:

Wassard Elea and Elea Art Club organised numerous art soireés since 2007. These events have featured visual art works, poetry readings, theater performances, music performances and discussions.

An open access online article by Else Mogensen on art in Cilento: Art and Artists in Cilento

Some of the concerts in Cilento:

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