Setting off

We’ve decided to start a blog so that readers can see what we’re doing to improve the apartments and the retreat in general. We’ll also include practical tips for visiting and living in the Cilento, restoring and maintaining properties here, and other topics that could be useful to anyone who wants to visit or even move here. Else Mogensen also regularly interviewed guests for the blog and other publications. We’d love to continue giving a platform to our guests and their work.

I’ve called the blog Journeys because we seem to be perpetually on journeys of some kind, whether creative or physical!

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We're Rene Mogensen and Leila Rasheed, a composer and children's author. Wassard Elea provides affordable, informal retreat spaces for artists, scholars and other creatives who want to work in the beautiful surroundings of the Cilento National Park, in the south of Italy.

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