Featured guest: Jerilyn Jurinek, visual artist

“A village is a work of survival, of crumbling and repaired corridors, curling up hills for protection, for worship, community, for beauty and time to remember its story. Places built for protection are beautiful. Beauty is a kind of camouflage.” Jerilyn Jurinek What, René, did I get out of staying in Wassard Elea’s apartment inContinue reading “Featured guest: Jerilyn Jurinek, visual artist”

Featured Guest: Jaana Lönnroos, visual artist

Visual artist Jaana Lönnroos was resident at Wassard Elea during 2022, and we are delighted to share some images of work she produced while there. These artworks were part of an exhibition at Galeria Uusikuva, Kotka, Finland.

Jaana Lönnroos art exhibition

Visual artist Jaana Lönnroos was in residence at Wassard Elea for about two months during September-November 2022. During this residency she finished a series of works which are featured in an exhibition entitled ‘Dettagli Divini’ in Kotka, Finland, that is opening this Saturday, December 3rd.