Spring repairs!

We are carrying out repairs and upgrades on the apartments this week. RenĂ© has repaired a leak in the roof of ‘The Philosopher’ which developed over the winter, and he is getting a new coat of paint applied to the outside walls. The walls face the sea directly which means lots of lovely sun and light and air, but also lots of exposure to wind and rain in the winter. Generally, winter weather begins at the end of December and ends in March, so now is a good time to do maintenance. There was a bit of difficulty finding the right tiles for the roof, but they’ve now been identified and replaced. The paint will be the same light pinkish colour, freshened up for 2023. RenĂ© is also taming the garden of ‘The Artist’ – the roses and the mandarin tree grow really fast! There’s still time for a walk on the beach, though.

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We're Rene Mogensen and Leila Rasheed, a composer and children's author. Wassard Elea provides affordable, informal retreat spaces for artists, scholars and other creatives who want to work in the beautiful surroundings of the Cilento National Park, in the south of Italy.

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